Friday, July 3, 2015

AIC expanding its portfolio across the Kingdom

The signing of management rights to the new Star King Hotel and Apartment complex  in Phnom Penh’s bustling new CBD marks a significant step in the expansion of Siem Reap-based Asia Initiative Corporation (AIC), Cambodia’s unique professional hotel management and development company.

It also marks a significant step in AIC’s mission to be a truly nationwide company servicing the tourist sector throughout the kingdom.

AIC commenced business in 2013, with only one property comprising 30 rooms and 40 employees. Now, this thriving business has stewardship over eight properties, with a total of more than 220 rooms and just over 280 employees. Six of its properties are located in Siem Reap, one in Battambang and now one in Phnom Penh. 

Going forward, the company hopes to further expand in the capital Phnom Penh, and also in the burgeoning coastal tourism hot spots such as Sihanoukville and beyond. Part of the secret of AIC’s rapid growth is the experience of its co-founders. The company has seven co-founders, with two international public relation and business advisers based in Sydney. These personnel alone have notched up a combined experience in the hotel and tourism industries of well over one hundred years. Said Kelly Chan Dara, Co-Founder

AIC’s office management is based in its Siem Reap corporate headquarters and includes a central sales and marketing team, central online and reservation team, an administrative and accounting office team,  a public relations and blogger team and a rigorous training centre.

As well as training its own personal when needed, AIC’s experience and contacts,  especially in the busy Siem Reap tourism sector, means that top-notch and fully experienced hospitality staff can be recruited.

And being able to put the right person in the right place promptly to do the right job is yet another hallmark of AIC’s rapid success.

AIC’s entry into the hospitality market-place has already been noted by the Cambodian media, with the company featuring in articles in both the Khmer Times and the Phnom Penh Post and various international travel medias. 
In August last year, The Phnom Penh Post reported, “The group’s two international advisers are John Savage and Graham Cox from the Australian communications company, Savage Communications which represent, among other things, some leading international hotels, national tourism commissions, and tour companies.
“The group’s clientele, according to [co-founder and vice-president] Kelly Chan Dara, are a ‘new breed’ of mostly young Khmer professionals who build hotels.
“Kelly says, ‘These new owners are mostly in the around-40-years age bracket, they’re new in the business but they understand customers’ needs and are happy for us to build a bridge for them when it comes to running and marketing their hotels’.”

Written by: Peter Olszewski
        Asia Initiative Corporation (AIC) Cambodia Blogger

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